Explorations is a highly individualized, relationship-based program.  Each student is unique, and therefore the treatment approach for each student is also unique.  Our approach to therapy is one of full immersion.  We reach far beyond the standard model and cultivate a home community and culture in which everything is part of the therapeutic milieu.  We work with a select group of adolescents who can benefit from this unique model. 

In addition to regular individual therapy, our students participate in two groups per week.  However, much of our therapy happens in the moment with our students.   Whether it is while washing dishes, cooking dinner, hauling firewood, riding the chair lift on a ski trip, doing a community service project, mountain biking, or working in the garden -  we are there working side by side with the students, developing authentic, meaningful relationships. Our students feel supported as we engage in the same activities as they are, which allows us to form strong therapeutic connections with them more quickly than what is possible in a more traditional setting.