Explorations promotes service and “giving back” in order to move the focus outside one's self. Students give of themselves and contribute their time through organized & individualized service to the local & extended community. Adults at HomeBase model appropriate social contribution and involvement in the community through their service as school board trustees, board members, and members or leaders of civic group, worship groups, sports teams, and various other service activities. 

Student service and volunteer work has included:

  • Animal shelter
  • Local Charity events
  • Clothing drives and distribution
  • Working with the elderly
  • Kids' mentors and coaches through Girl Scouts and community soccer and baseball leagues
  • Elementary school and preschool aides
  • Community organizations devoted to families and children affected by domestic violence and abuse
  • Homeless shelter meal distribution
  • Community food bank
  • Participation in stateside and international service trips
  • Partnership with international service organization