Visits to Explorations

Family visits are an integral part of our work, and we encourage regular parent visits.  Parents begin to understand and appreciate what it is about the Explorations approach that is helping their child grow and change.  Parents watch staff mentors interact and assist their child through firm boundaries, nurturing support and effective modeling.  Parents see how their child responds to a different set of boundaries and structure and have the chance to practice with support from the parent mentors.  Our staff is available to provide support, assistance and immediate feedback to the family as they rebuild positive relationships.

Visits are recommended at times to best complement the emotional growth of the student.  Visits often correlate with important happenings in the student's life such as a school production, prom, a ski trip, or sports events.  These moments allow the family to share in the accomplishments of their child.  During all visits to HomeBase, families participate in family therapy sessions during which therapeutic issues, family goals and individual growth is discussed.

During visits, parents are encouraged to share their talents and skills with the Explorations family.  Parents of Explorations students have participated in meal preparation, ranch work, community service in the US and abroad, and daily chores side-by-side with their child and the other members of the household.  These visits give our families the chance to experience life in real time …with real life situations