Summer Family Experiences

Parents, siblings and family members are offered specialty options during the summer months.  Hundreds of parents have participated in our flagship Summer Family Trip, or may be recommended to join their child as a ‘vacation volunteer’ on one of our Service Learning Trips. 

Our Sibling Adventure Camp provides challenge activities and a sample of outdoor activities for siblings of our students to build memories together with their sister or brother under the guidance and support of adult mentors.  Our therapist and mentors gently guide families through discussion of obstacles in the family system and explore ways the family can work differently. 

Family and Sibling Trips take place in beautiful and challenging outdoor environments where families learn to rely on one another and practice healthy communication.  These outdoor, sometimes rustic, experiences are customized to address the individual needs of each family away from the pressures everyday life.  Families bond with each other with the support of our outdoor guides and counselors to of every day pressures and responsibilities. 

River rafting, campfires, canoeing, service work, and cooking over a fire are but some of the things our families have enjoyed over the years.  Summer trip options and itineraries vary from year to year.