Communications & Support

We know that family involvement is an imperative ingredient in the success of our students. Parents are involved in an ongoing and healthy reunification process through close communication, family therapy, and structured visits.  Adult mentors are nurturing, but firm, and guide students and their families through the difficulties of practicing healthy life choices, new communication skills, and rebuilding trust.

Students share news with their family on a weekly basis by phone or by video conferencing.  Regular calls improve communication within a family, mend trust and build healthy relationships between all family members.  Over the course of a student's stay, students begin to communicate with family by email or phone more frequently.

Our therapists are available to monitor calls and conduct family sessions by phone or Skype to ensure that family issues are addressed in healthy and productive ways.  Our staff members update parents about their child's progress in the areas of life skills, therapeutic issues, peer and adult interaction, health and academics.

Parents are encouraged to work with an individual therapist, a family therapist, or a parent coach while their child is at Explorations to maximize the investment into the family. HomeBase parents continue to grow and heal with their children, despite the physical distance between them