Student Profile

HomeBase Residential

Students, age 13-18, that are accepted into Explorations have identified their core issues and are willing to work on discovering solutions to their previous obstacles, challenges and self-limiting beliefs. Our typical HomeBase student has successfully completed a therapeutic wilderness program or another primary treatment experience and has been recommended to continue working on his/her issues. He or she has begun to accept responsibility for his role in the issues he/she is experiencing personally and within the family. Even though he/she might not know how to make the necessary changes, there is a willingness to try.

Our HomeBase students may get lost in the shuffle in a larger residential program or boarding school, and would benefit from a smaller, nurturing family style environment. They are typically kids who are ready to experience life in a small community with the opportunity to practice new skills while attending a small and supportive public school where they can engage in sports, extracurricular activities and community events.

Summer Adventure Courses

Students, age 13-18, that are accepted into Explorations' Summer Courses are students who are willing to participate in our curriculum and open to accept challenges to learn about themselves in outdoor, service learning, and family-based environments.  He or she has been identified as a young person who would benefit from personal growth opportunities in outdoor environments, but a traditional wilderness intervention experience would be "too much."  Even though our typical summer student may not know how or where to start the process, there is a willingness to try something different.

Our student may or may not have completed a therapeutic wilderness program, primary treatment experience or therapeutic boarding school experience yet all have an understanding of their personal strengths and challenges.  Our students look to increase self-esteem, develop healthy communication skills, increase leadership and underscore goals through our structured, fun, and supported environment.  Some students may have experienced set-backs during the school year and would benefit from our program to provide a solid base of confidence for the coming school year.  Often, families or siblings of students are recommended to join our student during our Family or Sibling trips to work toward effective and healthy communication within a family.

Summer Course students are open to living in the outdoors for a part of their summer, are willing to attempt new experiences and have fun, and are open to giving their time and support to others, including members of the group.