At HomeBase, a part of nearly every weekend is devoted to adventure recreation. Our students enjoy skiing and snowboarding during winter months and other outdoor recreational pursuits in spring and fall, including hiking, biking, various outdoor games, day trips to the hot springs or local areas of interest, and outings to local community events. 

Each student chooses one extracurricular activity in which to participate each semester. This may include sports, community theater or musical ensemble, clubs, or a long term volunteer commitment. Many students have the opportunity to participate in vocational programming. This allows students to interface with the community, engage in learning new skills that will result in increased self-esteem, self-worth and a sense of purpose.  Some students earn the privilege of seeking paid employment in the community. 

During the spring and fall months, students also contribute directly to the needs of home.  Students learn to contribute to the needs of the home through weekend work activities such as gardening, splitting and hauling firewood, clearing brush, or fixing fence. 

Explorations students are often called upon by community members to assist with tasks for the elderly or those who simply need ‘many hands’.  Students have helped with farming, yard work, moves and other work activities needed by those in the community who are unable to do so.  The value of completing a ‘hard days’ work’ and seeing the accomplished task is an important lesson for our students.