The majority of our students attend our small local junior high or high school, where they are encouraged to participate in sports, music, clubs and extracurricular activities.  We maintain a  close working relationship with our local school administrators and faculty and feel that this environment is an excellent, inclusive one in which students reintegrate into a school setting without all of the previous pressures and peer influences they were experiencing at home.  

For students with learning issues or who require credit recovery, the school district’s Learning Center is an option that provides self-paced, closely monitored instruction.  Certified teachers and study skills professionals are available to students during the school day and after hours to provide individualized opportunities to move at a pace dictated by student needs.  Advanced placement courses and diverse elective courses are available through a state accredited academy are available for those who would benefit from a more challenging curriculum.   Explorations also offers tutoring, study skills groups and opportunities for credit recovery.