2017 Green River Canoe Trip

Explorations Summer Road Trip!

July 29th - August 7th, 2017

The Destination

This summer, Explorations is offering a unique and exciting adventure through Montana and Utah. Our journey will begin with a visit to Lewis and Clark Caverns for a 2 hour tour of the world underground, during which we will experience the natural wonders of these caves and marvel at the colors they present. Having had our fill, we will drive south for our once in a life time canoeing experience on the magical and calm waters of the Green River. These waters meandering through the Stillwater and Labyrinth Canyon make up some of Utah's most beautiful scenery. We will paddle a 50 plus mile stretch of flat water that will follow the rolling desert hills of eastern Utah into the majestic depths of Labyrinth Canyon. We will travel through the ancient history of the landscape as we view the ruins and rock art sites of the Pueblo Indians. The Red cliffs, desert sunsets, and warm days await us on this memorable experience. 

The journey will not end there, however. Once we have traveled through the cracks of the earth we will explore Moab and the beauty and excitement it has to offer. We will visit and hike to some of the great arches in the area and look over the Green River at Dead Horse Point. Our journey will only be limited by our imagination.

The Crew


Bruce Boudousuie, a licensed therapist, has worked extensively with children, adolescents, and young adults for over twenty years in several different capacities. Having been raised in rural Louisiana, he currently resides with his wife Sherrie and two of his five children in northern Idaho, where he spends much of his free time engaging in hard physical work and participating in various outdoor recreational pursuits. Bruce's hobbies include building log furniture and cooking Cajun/Creole foods, but his true passion resides in using the outdoors as a catalyst to help and encourage young men and women to grow positively in their relationships with not only others, but themselves as well.


  • Dates: July 29th - August 7th 2017
  • What's Covered?: Lodging, ground transport, expedition expense, tent, sleeping bag, and other group gear
  • What's Not Covered?: Snack food purchased in transit
  • Clothing: A clothing list will be provide. Some loaner clothes are available
  • 2 Breakwater Expeditions guides: Our qualified guides provide safe, fun, and meaningful adventures
  • Climate: Temperatures 70-100 degrees
  • Tents: We sleep in 2-3 person high quality tents
  • Canoes: Mixture of canoes for a variety of experiences and styles
  • Paddling: Mix length paddle days with time for relaxation and exploration in the white cliffs
  • Hiking: Side canyon exploring and trail walking
  • Cuisine: Healthy fresh food, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and meats. We accommodate needs.


July 29: Lewis and Clark Caverns

  • Exploration staff and students drive to the caves
  • We will continue south camp to camp near the border

July 30: Drive to Green River, Utah

  • Camp there for the night

July 31 - August 4: Launch onto the Green River

  • We will paddle the Labyrinth Canyon section of the Green River for the next 5 days and 4 nights.
  • Canoe itineraries are subject to change and will be adjusted depending on water level, as well as the needs of the entire group.

August 4: Moab, UT

  • We finish at Mineral Bottoms
  • Dead Horse Point and drive into Moab
  • We will do some clean up and enjoy a meal out
  • Stay in Moab

August 5: Arche Hike

  • Do some day hikes and exploring around the area
  • We will stay in Moab

August 6: Drive back to Boise

  • Start the drive and stay along the way

August 7: Whitebird, Idaho

  • Arrive mid day

Flyer: 2017 Canoeing the Green River & Summer Road Trip (pdf)