Family Involvement

Family involvement is an imperative ingredient in the success of our students. Parents are involved in an ongoing and healthy reunification process through close communication, family therapy, and structured visits. Adult mentors are nurturing, but firm, and guide students and their families through the difficulties of practicing healthy life choices, new communication skills, and rebuilding trust.  

Family visits are an integral part of our work, and we encourage regular parent visits. When parents and other family members visit Explorations, we ask that they become directly involved in the milieu and immerse themselves in what is happening, whether it is cooking dinner, work detail, or a therapy session. Parents begin to understand and appreciate what it is about the Explorations approach that is helping their child grow and change. Parents watch staff mentors interact and assist their child through firm boundaries, nurturing support and effective modeling. Parents see how their child responds to a different set of boundaries and structure and have the chance to practice with support from the parent mentors. Our staff is available to provide support, assistance and immediate feedback to the family as they rebuild positive relationships.  Our Denman Guest Cabin, located only 100 feet from our home, is a wonderful place for families to reconnect. 

Student calls to family can occur on a weekly basis. Parents have the opportunity to talk directly with the Director or members of the Parenting Team about their child’s progress and also meet by phone with their child’s therapist. Parents are an integral part of this process and we communicate with them regularly and enlist them as part of the team. Parents are encouraged to work with an individual therapist, a family therapist, or a parent coach while their child is at Explorations to maximize the investment into the family. HomeBase parents continue to grow and heal with their children, despite the physical distance between them.